Meet our MINI Nubian Does

Denver is our beautiful F3 Mini Nubian Doe!  She was born 1/31/2019 and was a bottle baby!

KC is our beautiful and loveable F6 Mini Nubian Doe!  She was born 2/17/2019 and was a bottle baby!

"For the LOVE of Mini Nubians"

Lucy, F1, Mini Nubian Doe with BLUE EYES!  She just had twins! Look at that smile.

Penny, F3 Mini Nubian Doe with long frosted ears!  She just had twins in April.

Ellie Mae, F7 Mini Nubian Doe with long frosted ears!  My lap goat! If she fits, she sits!

This F4 Mini Nubian Doeling just gives me that look! Introducing Prisc-Ella!

Clair-Ella our F5 Mini Nubian Doe was trouble From the moment she was born!

Camo, F4 Mini Nubian Doe 

She has beautiful markings and she has MILK!

Sage, F6 Mini Nubian Doeling

Dob May 23rd 2020

Mom has her milk star!

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