Sage - F6

Mini Nubian Doe

Introducing Cotton Bean's Saige to the goat farm world! Did I mention, Facebook made me do it!


We do a lot of business and promotion on facebook.  With that being said I regularly post on our goat farm page and look at other breeders.  I really should not browse facebook and look at goats!


On May 24th I was browsing after posting and had some cute little black Mini Nubians show up in my feed from a Mini Nubian page I follow. I thought those are gorgeous baby goats. About that time, I realized they were for sale and within an hour drive. I have been casually looking for next year’s herd sire and this set of twins had a doeling and buckling. Their blue eyes grabbed hold of my soul and I did it. I emailed the other goat farm to get some more information on these baby goats. I immediately asked if I could come meet them. Within hours I was sitting in a birthing pen loving on them in Pageland, SC. This set of twins was perfect and not even 24 hours old. They are F6 Mini Nubians from Eddy Place Blue Diamond *P and Oak Springs Farms BluEyesofFoscoe. I was in love, left a deposit and arranged to come back to pick up the bottle baby’s after a few days so they could have Mom’s colostrum.


We named our baby goat girl, Sage like Page.  She has a beautiful sleek body with a small white moon spot on her forehead. Yes, I did it.  I said Moon spot instead of DOT. She has some white on her belly with a beautiful roman nose and long pendulous ears. As of now her favorite past time is jumping on things including me and screaming for more milk.


She is like most bottle baby goats super sweet and very high maintenance. This tiny Mini Nubian doe has great lungs and flexes them often when she “thinks” she is hungry which equates to every few minutes. I get screamed at and cuddled often. What more could an old goat lady want!

Sage's Parents

This is Sage's beautiful Mini Nubian Nanny and Buck.  Momma goat has her milk start and tested with 7.7% butterfat!  We are so excited to add this beautiful doe to our farm!

Watch baby KC jump!
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