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Tales from the Goat Birthing Pen!

Lucy our F1 Mini Nubian Doe

Kidded: December 4th

Our F1 Mini Nubian Lucy or Lulu as we call her gave birth on 12/4. Our Lucy goat fell in love with Knightwolf Farm's Porter as soon as he entered the Mini Nubian Doe pen. These 2 were like teenagers flirting. She still goes over to snuggle with him. It's the craziest thing I have ever seen!


Fast forward to 12/4. We are still on baby watch around the farm! We are checking every hour or so on our pregnant goats and doing so all throughout the night. The nights have gotten really cold so if they kid we want to know about it asap. It’s around 10 pm and Farmer Jason goes out for one last check before our night shifts start. I climb in bed and close my eyes. I do wear yoga pants and a shirt to bed just in case. I hear banging on the bedroom window and Jason is shouting baby goats!  I grab my shoes, coat, and birthing kit. I take off running out the door back door of our farm house. I jump the pasture fence and run to Jason. He said Lulu is giving birth, we have 1 on the ground. Now Lulu was HUGE! I climb into the little red shelter with the flashlight and see 3 set of little eyes looking at me and talking to Lulu. I hope she isn’t still giving birth!  She already has triplets! Lol I can see her afterbirth hanging out and I know she is done. She looks up at me with her big blue eyes with suck pride. I start petting her, I tell her I love her and she did a good job. What beautiful baby goats Lulu!  We always talk to the girls while they are in labor and after the baby goats are here.


Baby Goat Gender Reveal: Lulu had F2, registered, Mini Nubian Triplets. Drum roll please…..  She had a set of twins, boys and a girl. These are the most colorful tiny baby goats! I can’t wait to get some good pictures of Lulu’s triplets. These Mini Nubian boys will be available as bottle baby goats. Whenever possible we raise our bucks as bottle baby goats to ensure they are always sweet and loving boys when they grow up to e bug strong bucks!