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Tales from the Goat Birthing Pen!

I was not fat, I was pregnant with baby boer goats, THANK YOU!

We adopted Hazel and her family of goats a few months ago. From the moment we laid eyes on her, she was very healthy and fluffy. We thought she likes to eat and checked to make sure we didn’t see an udder because she had been exposed to a buck. No udder!


Fast forward to Tuesday morning around 10:30am. Farmer Jason needed to run pick up some farm and goat supplies. He always inspects the Boer goats as he drives by the pasture in his truck.

He and Hazel lock eyes but he sees a mini hazel. He thinks to himself that Hazel is not pregnant but someone had a baby boer goat. Oh, not only did she have a beautiful traditional white body doeling with a traditional red head but she had a red colored boy / buckling as well. I can imagine Hazel saying, “Happy Tuesday human Dad. What do you think of my twin boers? I had a girl and a boy. Aren’t they the prettiest baby Boer goats you have ever seen?”


Our Boer Doe, Hazel, is a first time Mommy goat and is super loving towards the baby’s. As most Nanny’s do, she talks so sweetly to both baby goats. I suspect we have a couple more Boer goats pregnant. Who knows when or where but we will have some more babies soon at Cotton Bean Boer Goat Farm in Mt. Pleasant, NC.

Benny is the twins Daddy / Goat Sire

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