Porter - F6

Mini Nubian Buck

Porter is our handsome F6, blue eyed, moonspotted, polled mini Nubian buck! Not only does he have it all physically he also has a sweet, loving personality to match! I found this unicorn in Shreveport, Louisiana. I had him transported in which was a nightmare. This was my first transport experience and it was not a good one.  I worried for days on end about him but he made it safe and healthy. We did our typical new to the farm goat protocal and after 6 to 8 weeks he was moved to the buck pen.  This mini nubian buck loves his humans and the does! His personality reminds me of a bottle baby not a dam raised buckling.

This sweet mini nubian buck can usually be found getting into something that he shouldn’t. For instance, he likes to climb into the goat hay feeder. I think he prefers the hay feeder over the buck goat pasture! We have a boer billy who kept getting stuck in the hay feeder. We made the openings a little bigger and Porter quickly found he could climb in.  He was also caught squeezing into the doe and doeling pen by forcing himself though the opening of a cattle panel. He also managed squeeze in between the fence and hay feeder! We need to fatten him up a little so he can’t squeeze into random places! This mini nubian buck should have been named Houdini!

DOB: 1/15/19


KC is giving Porter aka "Houdini " the eye for being in the Hay Feeder!

May 2020: Here are some updated pictures of our now grown F6 Moon Spotted Mini Nubian Buck. His blue eyes still stand out again his black fur. 

This in your pocket Buck / boy has such a sweet and gently personality.  He is also a little goofy!

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