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Tales from the Goat Birthing Pen!

Good News! She found her Duke!

I was out in the pasture loving on the baby Mini Nubian and Boer goats. I hear a really loud goat scream and I think that’s not normal from this pasture. It sounded like something was wrong. I quickly moved the baby goats so I could get up and took off running towards the scream. I see Dutchess with Diana. She is looking at her rear end and I notice a small clear birthing string. Dutchess was pregnant and having a baby. She didn’t have a belly or an udder. What, how is this possible? One of the pictures I caught makes me feel like this first time Nanny goat was in shock too!

She quickly pushed out a perfect, registered, traditional red headed, white color body, small Boer doeling. Everyone in the pasture came to see what was going on when I took off running. The entire farm was there to welcome Princess Kathryn to our goat farm! She is tiny and beautiful but I am afraid she is going to be a mean girl like her Nigerian goat friend Lucy!