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Tales from the Goat Birthing Pen!

Penny's birthing tale was text book!

A little background on Penny's Herd. I wanted to add a few girls to our Mini Herd in 2020 but they had to the right fit for our farm and my existing mini nubian does. All of my current does were bottle raised and are very social with us. We love them like children so it was important to me that any mini Nubians we decided to add be friendly. This also makes it a lot easier to keep them healthy. It is a nightmare not to be able to touch your goats. What if something is off with one of them, how do you check them? How would I copper bolus them?

We found Penny in a small town in the edge of the NC mountain’s with 4 other girls and a beautiful F5 Mini Nubian Buck, Mozart. I spoke extensively with their family and asked a lot of questions. We finally agreed we would MEET them. I took no trailer and no money because I didn’t want to make an impulsive decision. Needless to say God had placed this family in our path and he wanted us to adopt this beautiful small, well cared for and socialized herd.

When we adopted our new mini nubian herd we were told they were expecting and due starting April 9th. Now Penny is a slim and trim F3 mini nubian so it wasn’t until the last 2 weeks that we finally saw some udder. She was so petite that I thought for sure she would have a single kid. When her udder popped it was huge and impressive. Due to the Corona Virus, I am working from home and have been able to put eyes on them every 2 hours or so.


Yesterday, our sweet, F3 Nanny was standing in the corner which is not normal for her. I quickly walked over and she let out a scream. I screamed to the hubby who was down the driveway working on new goat pasture fence, BABIES! He came running and went to the pen. He got their just in time to see the most beautiful mini nubian girl be born. She looks like her Mom’s clone. She reminds me of a tiny, tiny deer. He removed the birthing sac from her nose and moved back to let Penny do her Nanny goat thing. The baby girl goat was laying their talking when Penny started pushing again to my surprise. Baby number 2 is on the way! This little buckling is mostly white and looks a lot like his Dad, Mozart. They are both just darling.

We got her all setup in the luxurious birthing suite located in the Mini Nubian pen at Cotton Bean Farms in the small town of Mt. Pleasant, NC! She has all the yummy alfalfa and grain she can eat. The babies stayed snuggled up under the heating lamp most of the night.


We want to say thank you to Patricia for allowing us to adopt and love your goat family!

Mozart our  F5 Mini Nubian Herd Sire!

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