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Tales from the Goat Birthing Pen!

Glady who is a registered Boer doe kidded on 12/2/20. I had been making soap most of the morning and went out to check on all the pregnant goats.  I knew we had a few girls that were getting close to kidding. As I stepped onto the front porch I heard a maaaa that I didn’t recognize  I took off running in that direction. As I approached the boer pasture I saw a little traditional colored baby goat standing beside Glady.  Glady was licking and cleaning her. She is an experienced goat Mom and knows exactly what do. I grabbed my birthing kit and went into the pasture with them.


Glady laid down and pushed for a minute and got back up. The first baby was already nursing. After a few more minutes she laid down and pushed again while the first baby screamed at her. Lol  After doing this a few times she had a beautiful dark brown baby goat. This one was a little slower to get up.


Baby Goat Gender Reveal: She had registered, Boer, twin girls! They are beautiful. They have a nice build to them and they are stocky. I am excited to see them grow out!

dappled boer buck breeder ga tn.jpg
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