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Goat Pregnancy Class

Goat Giving Birth

Our goat is giving birth to triplets

You do NOT have to bottle feed

Most goats are able to care for their babies without them needing to be bottle fed.

Goat Emergency Kit

During kidding season we keep this by the door

**Please pay for your class at least 48 hours in advance so we can email you the workbook. **


When you sign up for this class, "What to expecting when your GOAT is expecting", we will cover information on breeding your goat, kidding and baby goat care. You will receive via email a workbook that includes all this information. It will have checklist for kidding supplies and even guide to help you pick out a Buck or Dad Goat.


We also have a video library that contains Cookie, our Boer Goat,  displaying signs of early labor. We have videos of what I call textbook births and we have a video of us pulling a baby!


We have listed some of the things that are covered in your Goat Pregnancy, Kidding and Newborn Baby Goat workbook!


  • How do I pick a buck? What do I look for?

  • Is my Doe ready for breeding?

  • What do I need to feed my goat now that she is pregnant?

  • What supplies should I have on hand for the birth of Baby Goats?

  • What medical Conditions can arise during goat pregnancy?

  • How do I know she is in labor?

  • Her labor has stalled, is she in trouble?

  • The baby goat is stuck what do I do?

  • What do I need to do when the baby goats are born?

  • Do I need to bottle feed our Baby Goats?

  • Why can’t my Baby Goat stand?

  • Is this color Baby Goat Poop normal?

  • What temperature should a baby goat be at if it’s healthy?

  • My baby goat isn’t nursing or taking a bottle, what do I check?

  • How much do I feed my bottle baby goat?


If you have questions bring them to the webinar so every new goat parent can learn together.


Disclaimer: We are NOT veterinarians but we are experienced goat farmers who typically kid over 100 Mini Nubian and Boer baby goats in one season.  This information is a guide IS NOT meant to be a replacement for an experienced Goat Veterinarian.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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