New Goat Owner Classes

New Goat Owner held in Mt. Pleasant, NC by appointment only!

If you are a new goat Mom or Dad and want to learn more about your new family member needs, setup a New Owner Class! 


We have been raising both milk and meat goats for 3 years in Mt. Pleasant, NC just outside of Concord. When we first started this journey I wish we had a mentor or class that we could take to have some of our “what if” questions answered. We will customize this 50 minute class to meet your needs and make sure all of your goat questions are answered during your visit. I strongly encourage you to bring a list of questions.


Here are some common questions new goat owners have:

  • How often should we worm our Goats?

  • What vitamins and mineral does a Goat Need?

  • What is the difference between a Mini Nubian and a Boer goat?

  • How often should I trim my goats hoofs?

  • What should I expect when my Doe is pregnant?

  • When a baby goat is born in the winter, does it need heat?

  • Can a goat nurse triplet baby goats?

  • How soon can I milk my Moma Goat

  • How soon can a baby goat mate?

  • What is a Famacha score and how do I check it?

  • Can I keep Bucks in the same pen?

  • Can you touch a goats horns without being attacked

  • How often so you feed a bottle baby goats?

  • What breed makes the best pet?

  • How long do goats live?

  • What kind of shelter and fencing do goats need?

  • What temperature is normal for a Boer goat?

  • My baby goat is not nursing, why?

  • Do you know what my fig newton trick is all about?


We are happy to share all of our knowledge about goats with you. If you want to know something in particular just ask!

Please Note: We are not vets, always consult your vet. Mud boots and old clothes are recommended. Classes are non-refundable unless we cancel them due to weather conditions. We hold them outside with plenty of space. If it’s raining we will go inside and mask are recommended due to Covid, if what you consider acceptable social distancing can’t be maintained. As of now we do not have a public restroom!

**Our baby and adult goats have horns! Please be aware of this when interacting with them.