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Tales from the Goat Birthing Pen!

Ally's birthing tale was text book for a triplet delivery!

We have been impatiently waiting for Ally to kid and on Sunday, April 26th her time had come. I went out to check the girls and didn't see my Ally girl.  I immediately looked around for her and she was isolated near the fence which is unusual for her. I knew something was going on. I went over to love on her and saw the tale, tale sign of labor.  When a goat is in labor you will see a string of clear birthing fluid. However this was a small string, only 3 to 4 " long.  Farmer Jason was coming up the driveway on the 4 wheeler and I flagged him down. I loved on her some more and she started to push within 10 minutes of me finding her. I know she was just waiting on me to get to the pasture. lol

She had a uneventful, text book goat delivery and I was able to catch all 3 births on video.  First out was the biggest F7 buckling born. He is stunning. He is brown and black in color and has a perfect roman nose. He looks a lot like Dad, Porter, our F6 Mini Nubian buckling for Louisiana. About 20 minutes later she pushed out a white doeling while the buckling was nursing. She didn't even grunt and licked her F7 Mini Nubian buckling the entire time she was delivering her second baby goat. A few minutes later out came the last baby, a buckling.  He is white in color like his doeling sister. Our F6 Mini Nubian Nanny is a baby machine!  

I am already smitten with all 3 of these baby goats but that shouldn't be a surprise since Ally and I are so close. 

Video of Mini Nubian buckling being born at Cotton Bean Goat Farm!

Ally our F6 Mini Nubian

is still holding hostages!

Ally decided it would be cool if she dated Porter our F6 Mini Nubian Buck when he sneaked over to visit the Mini Nubian Doe pen. With that being said I have no idea when Ally is due. I would describe her as huge and about to pop but she has looked like this for weeks. We are impatiently awaiting the arrival of her kids.  

Ally - F6

Mini Nubian Doe

Ally is our beautiful F6 Mini Nubian Doeling with crystal Blue Eyes. Her eyes are breath taking! When you see her you have to stare at them. She has beautiful tri colored markings, long frosted ears and comes from great milk lines. Her birthday is 3/9/19 and she has a buckling brother which we didn’t adopt. She is friendly and loves to be scratched! Her favorite snack is Fig Newton’s. She, KC and Bama were raised in the same crate by our fireplace during the cold months. They still snuggle and cuddle every day!

Why the name Ally?I already had Denver and KC so it only made since to name her Ally and her sister Bama. After all they are my Alabama Mini Nubian Does!

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