Baby Goat Play Dates & Private Goat How To Classes

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Private 1 hour Baby Goat Play Dates

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Pricing: $20 for first 2 people and $10 additional child or adult! No charge for children under 12 months. 

Details: Get your baby goat fix at Cotton Bean Goat Farms. We are excited to offer a variety of goat farm tours, classes and baby goat play dates at Cotton Bean Goat Farm in Mt. Pleasant, NC throughout the year. We are happy to customize a goat farm tour, class or play date to fit your needs. We are not a petting zoo but we raise and breed some really cute Mini Nubian, Nigerian Dwarf and Boer goats. You can meet our working AKC Great Pyrenees and Anatolian Shepherd's. See our working dogs in action around the farm with the goats, chickens, peacocks and cats.  You may also see them napping during the day. Our lgd’s are much more active during the night when local predators such as coyotes are on the prowl. There is always something to fun to see and do on the goat farm. 

Maximum time allowed for your goat class, tour or play date is 1 hour unless other arrangements are made prior to booking. We are NOT open to the general public and a prepaid goat class, tour or play date is required to visit Cotton Bean Goat Farms. We do not have restrooms, snacks or drinks so please come prepared.


We are conveniently located 30 to 45 minutes from Charlotte, Concord, Harrisburg and Monroe, NC. We are about an hour from Gastonia, Belmont, Statesville, Mooresville NC and Pageland SC. If you want to get away from the city with your family and pet some baby goats schedule a time to come visit us.

Grandparents if you are looking for something to do outside with your grand children this would be the perfect outdoor activity. As I tell my son, we are building up James's immune system when he visits the farm! lol Our sweet grand boy gets to do so many things that he does not get to do in the Charlotte, NC area.  We also enjoy opening the goat farm up to groups of school children who want some real life farm exposure and meet some goats. If you are homeschooling your children this is a great way to re-enforce what you are teaching them.

  • Meet our Mini Nubian, Nigerian Dwarf and Boers goats

  • Play with the cute baby goats - They are very curious and will approach you. Once they are comfortable they may climb in your lap for snuggles and jump our of your arms.  The baby goats have even been know to run with or follow human kids to play.

  • Depending on the time of year you may see a goat giving birth

  • Depending on the time of year you may get to bottle feed a baby goat

  • Do you want to milk a goat?

  • Our adult goats are super friendly. They enjoy snuggles and neck scratches.

Mini Nubian, Nigerian Dwarf and Boer Goats observe and learn about the world just like a toddler. They put everything in their mouth!. This may include your clothes, hat, sunglasses, fingers or elbows if they can manage it. They have a bottom row of teeth that they use to chew on things. It is rumored that goats eat anything. This is NOT true! They are very picky eaters, just ask Farmer Jason about our monthly hay bill and how much they waste. But remember, they do explore the world with their mouths. 

**Our baby and adult goats have horns! Please be aware of this when interacting with them. 

Zen with Zay & the Kidz - Coming spring 2021. Our 10 year old daughters version of Goat Yoga geared towards families! Come have fun with Zay and the goats. Grandparents bring your grandchildren. 

Let us customize an Goat meet and greet!

Sign up for our "All About Goats Meet & Greet" program where you can interact with and meet our Boer, Nigerian Dwarf and Mini Nubian goats, We can make this as general as you want or it can be specific depending on what you want to get out of your goat experience. If you are trying to decide between a meat breed and a dairy breed of goat you can come see the difference in person here at Cotton Bean Goat Farm. Maybe you just want to know if goats would be a good fit for your family. 

  • We can share information on worming and treating anemia in a goat. What are the signs do you watch for that indicate your goat may have a worm load?

  • You can meet our breeding bucks, maybe even smell them if it's breeding season and they are in rut! We don't charge extra for the "Smell a Buck" program! lol We can share our goat breeding experience with you. For instance we don't breed a huge buck to a small doe / goat. This can cause complications during delivery and you can even loose your doe. 

  • You can see the size difference between a milk and meat goat

  • We can talk about goat fencing and shelter needs when acid ifs falling from the sky. Most of our goats hate the rain!

  • We can explain why you should feed a "Goat Mineral instead of cow or sheep minerals. 

  • Does a nursing dairy doe have any special feed requirements?

This is a great opportunity for people who are considering becoming Goat Moms and Dads but would like to interact with some goats first hand to learn more about them and their care. It’s also a good way to see the size and temperament difference in the breeds like a Boer and Mini Nubian's. I’ll give you a hint: The Mini Nubian is the dog of the goat world. Boer goats are more like cats.

If you have anything specific you would like to learn about goats during your visit please include that on the sign up form and we’ll do our best to customize your goat experience to cover those items.


**We are not vets and we recommend you always consult your vet before making medical decisions!

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