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MINI Nubian Does       MINI Nubian Bucks

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What is a Mini Nubian? When you breed a registered Nigerian Dwarf and a registered standard size Nubian you get a F1 or 1st generation mini Nubian which is the perfect mid-size dairy goat. Mini Nubian’s are bred to get the milking genetics from the Nubian goat but the size of the Nigerian Dwarf making the goat easier to hand milk. Did I mention FLOPPY Nubian ears and a beautiful roman nose? For me, this is a bonus as I love floppy bell shaped ears!  The smaller size of the Mini Nubian makes for easier milking, clipping, showing and hoof trimming!

Fun Fact: It is recommended that you breed a Nubian Doe to a Nigerian Buck so that the doeling or buckling is not too big at kidding time thus, reducing the risk of complications during delivery. You will find that most mini Nubians are under 100 lbs compared to their 200 lb full size Nubian relatives.

Why are Mini Nubian Does considered such good milkers? Mini nubian’s are known for producing 2/3rds the amount of milk that a standard Nubian produces on about half the amount of feed and pasture. This makes them excellent for the the home milker or small homestead setup. A mini Nubian milking doe will give you 1 quart (2 lbs.) to 1.25 gallons (10 lbs.) of delicious rich milk daily. The mini nubian’s butterfat content is similar to a Nubian but the size makes it perfect for hand milking. Typically first time mini Nubian milking does will give you less milk than an experienced doe. Also a taller mini Nubian doe will typically give you more milk than a smaller doe.

Fun Fact: Goat’s milk is the most digestible milk. Often times, people who are lactose intolerant do very well drinking goat’s milk and eating goat cheese!

What is the personalty of a Mini Nubian like? Let’s talk about the wonderful personality of the mini Nubian. They are super friendly, very vocal, love all the attention you can give them and they are great with children.  I do have a few does that I would classify as snuggler’s and cuddle bugs. Our mini nubian does and bucklings follow me for hikes through our 24 acres often!

Mini Nubian Breed Standards: 

Mini Nubian Breed Standards:  Mini Nubian Size: A standard mini nubian doe should be less than 29” tall at the withers. A standard mini nubian buck should be no taller than 31” in height at the withers.

Fun Fact: A wither is the goat term for shoulder.

Mini Nubian Nose: The nose of a mini Nubian should be straight to strongly convexed but never dished. A mini nubian with the strong convexed nose has one of the most desirable breed characteristic.

Mini Nubian Ears: Mini Nubian’s should have distinctive, long, pendulous ears. In order to check your mini nubian’s ears you should hold them close to the head where they attach and then widen, alongside the face of your buck or doe. The ears should reach the end of the nose. They should flare out and forward to a beautiful rounded tip, making the classic “BELL” shaped ear that standard mini Nubian doelings and bucks are known for.

Fun Fact: Mini Nubians can have Blue eyes and be naturally polled!

Mini Nubian Udders: Mini Nubians breeders place an emphasis on well attached utters that milks with ease and a structurally sound doe.

Other Mini Nubian Breed Standards: Mini Nubian does and bucks should have soft supple skin and strong correct legs. Your mini Nubian should have wide, flat boning throughout the body and a sharp shoulder that blends into a long, graceful neck. You want ample width and depth for both kidding and milking.

Some of our Mini Nubian Does!

Bama is our beautiful F5 moonspotted Mini Nubian Doe!  She was born 3/13/2019 and was a bottle baby!

mini nubian goats for sale.jpg

Denver is our beautiful F3 Mini Nubian Doe!  She was born 1/31/2019 and was a bottle baby!

mini nubian mil kgenetics.jpg

KC is our beautiful and loveable F6 Mini Nubian Doe!  She was born 2/17/2019 and was a bottle baby!

moon spotted mini nubian charlotte

To learn more about the breed visit the Miniature Dairy Goat Association!

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