Denver - F3

Mini Nubian Doe

Denver is our beautiful, SASSY, blue eyed, F3, Mini Nubian Doe. She entered this world on 1/31/2019 and has known she is a princess from the day she was born! We raised her as a bottle baby in the house in front of our fireplace. She still thinks she is a human princess and not a mini nubian goat. I am sure when she was born she was sticking her tongue out!


She loved to cuddle as a doeling and will still climb in your lap for snuggles if you let her. You know when she is in heat because is screams and talks the entire time. She was screaming so loud her first heat cycle that I went out to see what was wrong with her. She just flagged her tail at me and continued to yell for another 48 hours. She has long, pendulous, bell shaped ears, a roman nose, a beautiful topline and good milking genetics! The black on her nose and legs has darkened as she has matured. She also looks good in any color sweater.


Why the name Denver: We were visiting her human brother in Denver when we got the news that she was born!

Denver's Dam / Mom

This beautiful F2 Mini Nubian Doe is P & G Carolina's kids Sugar Magnolia, aka Maggie, She is famous for being the Dam of Princess Denver!

Denver's Sire / Dad

This sassy, blue eyed, F2, Mini Nubian Buck is Treestar Valiant Valentino,  He is very famous for being the Sire of Princess Denver! Did you notice he stick's his tongue out? Where did Denver learn to do this?

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