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Meet Cotton Bean Farms

Boer Does                  Boer Bucks

red headed boer doeling monroe.jpg
Cotton Bean Boer Goat Farm Sale

Our passion for Boer Goats:

We have a small family owned and operated Boer goat breeding farm located in Mt. Pleasant, NC where we raise and sale Boer Goats. We strive to make breeding decisions each season that helps us improve our Boer doelings and bucklings that we sale and retain for our breeding program. We have both registered and commercial boer goat lines for sale on our farm. Kidding season on the farm is always a ton work but well worth the investment of time.

Let’s talk about Boer Goats for a minute!


This breed of goats are known for their meat and not milk like the mini nubians. They originated in Africa, however, most of the boer nanny’s and billy’s in the United States most likely came from Dutch Farmers in Africa. Boers were first introduced to the US in 1993. Typically, the boer goats have a fast rate of growth which makes them perfect for the meat industry. They come in a variety of colors and the dappled / spotted boers are coming increasingly desirable. Traditional colored boers have a white body and a red or black colored head.

Fun Fact: Dappled describes what is known as a moon spotted in the mini nubian goat world!

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