Breeding Boer Does at Cotton Bean Boer Goat Farm

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Knoxville Boer Does

We added 5 Boer Nanny's to our Boer Breeding program here at the goat farm. We traveled all the way to Knoxville, TN to pick them up.

Pita Registered Boer Doeling

Pita is one of my favorite Boer does. I am sure it is because we fought so hard to keep her alive when she was born. This is one of the reasons we named her Pita. Can you guess what is stands for? Read more to find out the answer!

Daffy Commercial Boer Doe

Daffy was a bottle baby goat raised at Cotton Bean Goat Farm in Winter of 2019. This is one of my favorite pictures of a very pregnant Daffy. I kept waiting for her to pop! I spent so much time waiting on her to kid. She is well aware of what DOE code is and practices it.

Daisy Commercial Boer Doe

Daisy was a bottle baby goat here at Cotton Bean Goat Farm and she is super sweet! She will follow me around the goat pasture until I take the time to stop and love on her.

Dutchess Registered Boer Doe

This Boer Doe is always up for adventure. She is happiest climbing on things.

Dottie Registered Boer Doe

Dottie is our sweet and shy registered Boer doe! Look at her markings! Be sure to read her story, we almost lost her!

Mable Registered Boer Doe

Mable is our beautiful 100% registered Boer Nanny! She is solid red in color.

Laverne Commercial Boer Nanny Goat

This is our beautiful Black Headed Boer Doe.I saw a picture of her and immediately fell in love. I know she was part of the "Mean girl goat club",

She is very shy and is starting to slowly trust me. I am able to walk within a few feet of her and stoop down for her to sometimes come close enough for a neck rub. I will take it!

Lilith Registered Boer Doe

Lillith - Registered
Boer Doe / Nanny Goat

Dottie Commerical Boer Doe

Dottie is our commercial spotted Boer Nanny. When we got her she was sick so it took some work but look at her now!

Hazel Commerical Boer Doe

Hazel is our Commerical Boer Doe. She is sweet but shy and will often come up for love.

Chesnut Commerical Boer Doe

Chesnut is our Commercial Boer Nanny goat / doe. You can handle her but she isn't going to run up for love. Not all goats want love, right?

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