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Tales from the Goat Birthing Pen!

Surprise everyone!

Oh my, I loved this Boer Doe from the moment I laid eyes on her in Jan 2020. I just think she is absolutely beautiful and was so excited about her joining our little goat farm. However, I did not know that she was a proud member of the "Mean Girls" club when she came to Cotton Bean Goat farm. She did NOT like humans! All I wanted to do was touch her. 

I went to visit the family, (grandbaby), in Colordo July 1st. I get a text from Farmer Jason early that morning with what looks like twin, newborn, baby boer goats. I immediately asked if Evie or Cookie had their babies. Nope!!!! Who could it be? They were my only pregnant does! Not so fast human goat Moma!. 

I get a picture of sweet Laverne with two black headed boer baby goats. How did this happen? Okay I know how but how did we miss it? As I said above she doesn't really like humans and she is a work in progress. I guess she likes Muffin Man! She had twin biers, a baby girl and boy goat. 

Oh wait, it get better. Farmer Jason decides to put this beautiful Boer Nanny in a birthing pen for some extra food which we often do after delivery. She headbutts one of the baby goats, what? Why is she doing this? Evie walks up and the baby boy runs over to her.  What? Evie delivered the same night with a black headed baby boer goat. She is a dark redish brown color.  Oh my, what do I know about goat genetics, nothing!

Muffy is the twins Daddy / Goat Sire

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