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Tales from the Goat Birthing Pen!

Denver our F3 Mini Nubian

first time Mom, did what?

Denver is my beautiful F3 Mini Nubian Doe who looked slightly pregnant and may be due in the next 6 weeks. This first time Nanny has the most beautiful blue eyes and top line. Denver and I are very close. I raised her as a bottle baby and we snuggled nightly when she was being raised in the house. 

I go out to the Mini Nubian Doe pasture in the evening on March 20th and Denver was laying around being super lazy, grunting occasionally and I thought she is going to be in for a long pregnancy. I loved on her and spent some time observing her throughout the evening. To my surprise labor kicked in and she started pushing. I ran over to comfort her. All I can say is that it was a blessing that I was there.  She pushed out the baby boy, Dale, first. She walked off and didn’t even look back at him. I was shocked but began to clean the bag off of him.  We got his airway cleared and took him to Denver.  She didn’t want anything to do with him! After about 10 to 15 minutes she gave birth to a beautiful tan doeling, Darla. She walked off again! We cleaned this doeling off and took both of them to Denver. I tried to get them to nurse but she ran off. She was appalled that these bothersome babies wanted her to be a Mom and I was heartbroken that she wanted nothing to do with them.

We moved her the babies into a birthing suite in Mini Nubian pasture. I thought she may settle down once we got them settled in with no other goats around. I was very wrong. I went to plan B and held her while they nursed. I refused to let her abandon or reject these kids. Together we were going to figure this out even if it took all night. I settled in to stay the night with Denver and the kids. I held her every 30 minutes to let them nurse until almost 1 am. Finally the kids went to nurse and she didn’t run. She let buckling latch and then the doeling latched. I didn’t have to hold her. I broke out in happy tears! This was the end of her new goat Mom jitters. She has turned out to be a great Mom and I am super proud of her.

Her twins are gorgeous and both the doeling and buckling have her blue eyes. Dale the boy is so loving I can hardly get a picture of him because he is always in my pocket. Darla is sweet as well. She is a lighter brown, almost tan color with Denver’s blue eyes.

More about Denver

F3 Mini Nubian Doe

Denver is our beautiful, SASSY, blue eyed, F3, Mini Nubian Doe. She entered this world on 1/31/2019 and has known she is a princess from the day she was born! We raised her as a bottle baby in the house in front of our fireplace. She still thinks she is a human princess and not a mini nubian goat. I am sure when she was born she was sticking her tongue out!


She loved to cuddle as a doeling and will still climb in your lap for snuggles if you let her. You know when she is in heat because is screams and talks the entire time. She was screaming so loud her first heat cycle that I went out to see what was wrong with her. She just flagged her tail at me and continued to yell for another 48 hours. She has long, pendulous, bell shaped ears, a roman nose, a beautiful topline and good milking genetics! The black on her nose and legs has darkened as she has matured. She also looks good in any color sweater.


Why the name Denver: We were visiting her human brother in Denver when we got the news that she was born!

Denver's Dam / Mom

This beautiful F2 Mini Nubian Doe is P & G Carolina's kids Sugar Magnolia, aka Maggie, She is famous for being the Dam of Princess Denver!

Denver's Sire / Dad

This sassy, blue eyed, F2, Mini Nubian Buck is Treestar Valiant Valentino,  He is very famous for being the Sire of Princess Denver! Did you notice he stick's his tongue out? Where did Denver learn to do this?

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