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Tales from the Goat Birthing Pen!

Lilly our Nigerian Dwarf who is a first time goat mom kidded on 12/2.  Here is her story!


My sweet, kind, gentle Lilly fell in love with our F5 registered Mini Nubian buck, Mozart and decided to break into his pen. Every time we took her out she managed to find her way back in. Lilly is the daughter of our first goat, Cookie.


Fast forward to the morning of 12/2. Farmer Jason and I were in Denver due to a family emergency. My brother, Farmer Jackie, stayed at the farm and was on duty when it happened, I got the call Lilly is in labor! We were on the way to the airport with our Daughter in Law and Grandson and I was hoping for an uncomplicated delivery but Lilly goat had other plans.


Farmer Jackie found Lilly laying down and pushing. He ran out and called me. I got my daughter, Rebecca on the phone and asked her to come for backup since Jackie had never seen a birth. First baby came out but Lilly was screaming like she was dying.  She is one of those goats who is loud while giving birth. This only made Jackie’s level of anxiety go up.  Rebecca arrived shortly after the first one was born. Baby #2 is on the way and he is not presenting correctly. This baby goat is being born nose first no feet. This is not good. They tried to push the baby in to reposition but the bag broke.


Often times, a vet does not have time to get to you if your doe has a complication. I was checking bags and going through security while walking them through what to do! Lol I can only imagine what the people at the airport thought.


Baby #2 was stuck head out, breathing, while Lilly was screaming her head off. Rebecca managed to reach in and get a leg / hoof out. After this Jackie was able to get a hold of the baby goat and pull with the next contraction. They got baby #2 out with no more complications. Go Cotton Bean delivery team. For those of you who don’t know Jackie has a weak stomach.  He didn’t even throw up while helping deliver the twin baby goats. He did almost throw up when she ate the after birth. Lol


Baby Goat Gender Reveal: Lilly had twin baby goats, a boy and a girl! These are beautiful F1 unregistered Mini Nubians. The little boy will be sold as a bottle baby goat. They look just like their Mom and Dad. Both parent are white with brown and black markings on their heads

F5 Mini Nubian Buck, Mozart is the sire of these twin baby goats!

Charlotte NC Mini Nubian Buck.jpg
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