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Learn more about our milk or meat goat breeds and meet the herd!

We are located on 24 acres in Mt. Pleasant, NC just outside of Charlotte, NC. We started our goat breeding farm in June 2018. We breed registered Nigerian Dwarf, Mini Nubian Goats and Boer Goats, Chickens, AKC Great Pyrenees Puppies, Anatolian Sheppard Puppies and we have 2 really cute barn Kittens!

Chickens & Livestock Guardian Dog's

As we were building the Farm, we started to think about protecting our beloved Farm Animals and goats. We decided to get a team of AKC Great Pyrenees and Anatolian Sheppard livestock guardian dogs.!  Meet Jake, Jin-ger, June Bug and Jasper! They are worth their weight in gold on our Goat Farm!

Yes, we have chickens too!

Our love for Chickens started with 13 Baby Chicks from Tractor Supply! Now we have over 150! The husband is really good at Chicken Math!

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