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We have Mini Nubian, Boer and Nigerian Dwarf Bucklings, Doelings, Does and Bucks for sale! We try to keep this page updated. For the most up to date information or pictures of a goat that is for sale call Cotton Bean Goat Farm at 704-941-7944!

Will hold with a Deposit until weaning!

*Last updated May 28th*

Mini Nubian Doelings for Sale

We have few Mini Nubian F2 to F7 Doeling's for sale at weaning starting in June 2020 and a Boer family that is available now. You can schedule an appointment to meet them before placing a deposit.


We have some unrelated boys / bucklings if you want a breeding pair of dairy goats!

*Last updated May 29, 2020*

4 Girls for Sale
This family of Boer goats is for Sale in Mt. Pleasant, NC. 2 Nanny goats & 2 daughters.
Bama's Mini Nubian Doelings
Bama's Twin Girls, Mini Nubian Doelings for sale at Cotton Bean Goat Farm
Lucy's Mini Nubian Twin Doelings
Lucy's Mini Nubian Twin Doelings / Girl Goats for sale at Cotton Bean Goat Farm in Mt. Pleasant, NC
Spectra' Triplets for Sale
Mini Nubians for sale at Cotton Bean Goat Farm!
Deposit Taken
Darla, Mini Nubian Doeling for sale at Cotton Bean Goat Farm
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Boer, Mini Nubian & Kiko Bucklings for Sale

Rocky, Boer Buckling
He is looking for his own herd and can leave at any time
Boer / Kiko Buckling
DOB 2/13/20
Male Boer Kiko Buckling for sale! Weaned and ready for his new goat herd!
Mack, Boer Buckling
This traditional boer buckling will be ready for his own farm on June 6th.
Dale, Mini Nubian with Blue eyes
Comes with registration paperwork and will be ready to leave on June 20th
Thor, Boer Kiko Buckling / Boy
Thor is built like a super hero. He is wide and thick. Will be ready to leave on June 21st
Geronimo, Spotted / Dappled Boer Buckling
This boy is ready to meet his new herd on June 27th. If you are looking to add some color to your boers he can help you.
Boer breeding farm show goat
He will be weaned July 17th
Boer buck boy for sale NC
He will bring some color to your Boer Herd. He will be ready July 16th
Camo's Mini Nubian Buckling
This F5 mini nubian buckling is gorgeous. Will be ready for his new Farm July 17th
Penny's F4 Mini Nubian Buckling
This mini Nubian Buckling will come with application for registration. Will be weaned July 17.
Ally's Mini Nubian Bucklings
2 beautiful F7 Mini Nubian herd sires to choose from. We have some Does too if you want a breeding pair.
Brown Belted Boer buck for sale
This boy is gorgeous and should bring color to your herd.
Spectra's Mini Nubian Buckling
The boy has the brown ears. We have some does too if you are looking for a breeding pair.
Deposit Taken
Beautiful Dappled / Spotted Boer buckling available!
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