Muffin Man

Registered Boer Buck

Muffin man is our 100% registered tiger dappled boer buck! He is white with dark brown dappled markings.  We got him when we was only 9 weeks old.  He is super sweet and LOVES to talk. He acts like he was a bottle baby. Anytime I enter the pen he runs to greet me and wants all the rubbing I am willing to give out. If he sees me outside he yells until I come love on him. He like the rest of our Boer Bucks has a great temperament.

Why the name Muffin Man? If you split open a blueberry muffin it looks like our muffin man. Did I mention I loved blueberry muffins growing up? My husband decided after 6 months of being named Muffin Man he is going to name him Leroy. 

1/17/20 – Muffin Man has been moved in with the Knoxville Girls. 2 of our Knoxville boer does are solid red in color, 2 are red and white dappled and the last 2 are white with red dapples. He now has 6 beautiful boer does that are ready to breed living with him. We are looking forward to seeing all the beautifully marked boer bucklings and doelings out of their kids.

More pictures coming soon!

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