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What is a Niergian Dwarf Goat? You may be asking yourself what is a Nigerian Dwarf goat? This is a small dairy goat that is the perfect size for the home milker and makes a perfect pet for small children.  In addition to giving you milk, these little goats also do a great job of clearing brush. What they lack in size they sure make up for it in personality and color! They have sweet, lovable, easy going personalities.  They love to play and explore so if you are going to have them as a pet make sure you have something from them to jump on. We have found that our Nigerians love both fig newton’s and animal crackers. They also love a variety of garden treats like carrots, spinach, squash, apples, berries, etc.

Fun Fact: If you breed a Nigerian Dwarf and a full size Nubian you get a Mini Nubian. 

We have had numerous Nigerian buckling and doelings born on our farm.  Our small Nigerian with a touch of Kiko  doe, Cookie, is our herd queen.  She is by far the smallest but has the most attitude and is by far the most dominant female in our herd of goats. She has given us many beautiful babies over the years. This little lady will even put the big boer nanny’s in their place.

Fun Fact: Goat’s milk is the most digestible milk. Often times, people who are lactose intolerant do very well drinking goat’s milk and eating goat cheese!


Cookie and her twins: Cookie and her young nigerian dwarf twins were our first goats! She was nursing a set of twins which included both a doeling and buckling at the time. We didn’t realize what we were in for. She quickly let us know she was the boss. When we introduced a grown buck into our little start herd she showed him who the boss was. By contrast the twins, Willow the doeling and Creamer the buckling are both sweet. Willow is sometime distance and loves Jake our Anatolian Shepard. I don’t really know how to describe their bond. We have a billy in with her currently and Jake will not let him close to her. Creamer is currently looking for a girlfriend that he is not related to!

Willow and Creamer pictured below as baby goats!

love bug willow.jpg
nigerian goats brown black for sale.jpg
newborn nigerian goats doe wormer.jpg
nigerian dwarf goats blonde.jpg

Willow and Creamer pictured above!

Pregnant Nigerian Dwarf Doe.jpg
Nigerian Dwarf Pregnant

May 2019: Cookie and Leonard gave us a set of twins. She had a doeling, Lilly and a buckling, Luke. Lilly is a talker. She talks all the time.  I think she just likes the sound of her voice. Luke is quite unlike Lilly. He is the sweeter of the twin Nigerians. I would call him my lap baby! He loves to just sit and cuddle.They are both white in color with brown markings on their faces. We do not have any Nigerian Dwarfs for sale at this time!

Cookie you are

getting fat!


Update May 2020: Willow our solid White Nigerian Dwarf goat just had twin baby goat, girls! One of the doelings is solid white like Mom and the other baby goat girl is a redish brown color.