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Assessment of your Goat:

1. Always start by taking your goats temperature! The normal temperature range for a goat is 101.5 to 103.5

2. Check your goats Famacha score to ensure it is within a normal, healthy range(***Be aware a low or high temperature can alter your goats famacha score.***) 1 rRed - Best, 2 Good, 3 Something is going on, do fecal count, 4 Do Fecal and start anemic protocol, 5 White - Fatal


3. Observe and check your goat. 

  •  Can you hear a rumen sound? Is your goat chewing cud?

  •  Is your goat peeing normally? If you are assessing a billy or buckling is the pee a strong steady stream or   a dribble?

  •  Are they pooping normal goat berries? If not what is the color and consistency of the goats poop?

  •  Is your goat lethargic?  How is your goat walking?

  •  Is your goat grinding their teeth?

  •  Is your goat showing signs of respiratory distress? Looks for signs of difficulty breathing, fast respiration's,   acting agitated, etc.

  •  Is your goat choking and/or coughing? Does your goat have eye and/or nasal discharge – if so, color and consistency?

  •  Can you see visible bugs on skin (lice or ticks for example)?

  •  Do they have scaly/crusty, flaky/dry skin, un-normal skin color (greyish or yellowish hue)?

  •  Do you see abrasions or open wounds on your goat?

  •  Is your goats eye twitching?  Is your goat acting blind?

  •  Did he/she eat something they shouldn’t have (plants, leaves, chicken feed, etc.)?

DENVER is napping!

Goat famacha score breeder nc.jpg

Disclaimer: ​Information provided is given based on experience and research and not meant to go against diagnosis / treatment / advice of a licensed veterinarian. Always check with your veterinarian before administering any drug or supplement. to your goat You should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses in your animals without consulting your vet. The extra-label use of any medicine in a food producing animal is illegal without a prescription from a veterinarian. If the reader of this web page uses the information without approval of a veterinarian, he/she is considered to be prescribing and assumes full responsibility. That is his/her privilege/right to do so, but Cotton Bean Farms cannot/nor will not assume responsibility for his/her actions

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