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Christmas idea for a goat owner

If you are expecting baby goats this is a must have!

If this is your first goat kidding season be sure to pick up a human baby aspirator from the dollar tree. This cheap goat tool is a must have. 

In the picture above one of our Mini Nubian does was giving birth to triplets. The last baby boy was huge and she was exhausted from delivering twin doelings. She pushed this buckling out halfway and waited over a minute to push again. This feisty little baby goat tried to breathe while half way out of the birth canal. Farmer Jason immediately tore off the birthing bag and suctioned him while she pushed all but his legs out. He suctioned his mouth, throat and nose to make sure his airways were clear so that he could breathe.


It was a close call but we were prepared and this little boy is thriving.  

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