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Tales from the Goat Birthing Pen!

Winter 2020 Baby goat kidding!

DOB: December 6th

My Bama Girl is my diamond Mini Nubian goat.  I looked all over for a goat like her.

So if you are keeping count we have had 14 baby goats in 7 days, oh my! Fast forward to Sunday, December 6 before lunch. I am getting ready to eat something and I look out at the doe pasture.  I had our Mini Nubian pasture put outside the kitchen window because I like to be able to watch the girls. When it’s dark I can open the window and say” girls” and all the girls talk to me. Bama is standing near the hay feeder and I am watching her. I see her lay down and looks like she stretched. She stretched again and another time. That’s not a stretch, this Mini Nubian Mom is in labor! I grab my shoes and birthing kit. I run to the pasture and jump the fence. This is one time being tall and long legs come in handy. I see a tiny bubble starting to emerge.  After a couple of minutes I see hoofs and a tiny nose.


My talk with Bama goes something like this. Push Bama girl! You can do it, come get that baby out. I love you baby girl. Push again it is almost out.  Good Girl Bama! Alright, get that baby goat clean.  She cleans him off and starts eating the sack. Yes, this is what does do. 


She lays down and starts pushing and we have the same talk again. Lol This time she deliveries the baby goat and ignores it. This is not like Bama. We grab the baby, take the sack off and clear the airway. I look up and here comes baby #3.  This baby goat is almost all the baby out. She pauses for a minute with it half way out!  Bama don’t stop!  I was lucky enough to catch this on video. If I get a video of a baby goat being born that means it was a smooth, uncomplicated delivery!  Good Job Bama girl!


Baby Goat Gender Reveal: Bama had registered F7 Mini Nubian triplets. She had a beautiful tiny moon spotted girl and 2 nice size boys.  One of the boys has frosted ears and looks like his body is frosted too. These beautiful baby boys will be available as bottle baby goats.


Updated on Bama” After giving birth Bama seemed a little off and very tired. We gave her a bucket of warm molasses water to drink. We often do this with our new Mom’s. She laid down and rested right after they were born and licked them clean while laying down which is unusual.  Sometimes after a goat gives birth they are worn our just like a human. We got her and the kids moved into a birthing pen and I made sure that each baby goat had nursed at least twice. Sometimes it takes a baby goat a while to find it’s legs so I personally like to make sure they nurse. We loaded the goat birthing suite up with fresh water, a grain mix, hay and alfalfa for Bama.