Things to know about your baby goat playdate!


Thank you for scheduling a time to come spend 45 minutes with us at our Goat Farm in Mt. Pleasant, NC!  Please Park in the area designated parking area and walk up the gravel driveway to the goat pasture! Cash is our preferred form of payment. 

Prior to your visit please PRINT OUT, SIGN and bring this liability waiver with you!

29631 Herrin Grove Road Mt. Pleasant, NC 28124

Parking Area is OPEN!

Click here to pay DEPOSIT!

Goat Playdate Deposit

Goat Playdate Deposit


Eggs $3 Doz & Soap $5 to $7 ea

Things to Remember:

  • We are a working goat farm please do not arrive more than 15 minutes early for your baby goat playdate. If you do arrive early please wait in your vehicle until it's 15 minutes or less before your scheduled playdate. 

  • We do NOT have public restrooms or running water so please bring wipes and sanitizer with you so that you can clean up after your visit. The closest store is 15 minutes away in the town of Mt. Pleasant, NC. 

  • We can make special accommodations for parking if needed. Please let us know prior to booking your baby goat playdate.

  • We are at the mercy of Mother Nature. We do have to cancel and rescheduled appointments due to weather and goat pasture conditions. If this happens you will be offered the option to reschedule. 

  • The baby goats will want to snuggle with you and they do have dirty hooves so please be sure to wear something you don't mind getting dirty or muddy. Mud Boots are recommended.

  • If it has been raining it will be muddy so dress accordingly and I recommend bringing a change of shoes and clothes for your children..

  • At this time we do not sale any drinks, water or snacks. Please DO NOT bring snacks or food into the pasture.

  • We do have GOAT milk soap and Farm Fresh Eggs for SALE!

  • This is fun for all ages and you do not have to bring a child to schedule a time to snuggle or feed our baby goats.

  • We are covid aware / conscious, and are open for playdates only if you schedule an appointment. All playdates are held outside in open pasture so social distancing can be practiced and is encouraged. Masks for your family are optional so come visit at your own risk! Our host will be happy to wear a mask if requested.

  • If you have a special request or need please reach our prior to booking!

  • Tickets are non refundable unless event organizer cancels due to in-climate weather or pasture conditions. 

  • Please leave personal belongings, like purses in your vehicle, the goats will try to eat them. 

When Mother Nature Calls: 

  • Goats , chickens and dogs will and do MATE, whenever they want to.  

  • Pregnant goats will have baby goats when Mother Nature says, "It's time". 

  • We are working goat farm! Our goats pee and poo anytime, no matter what is going on or who is holding them. 

  • All of our goats have Horns. 

If you have any questions please call and ask prior to visiting! 704-941-7944

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