All about goat pregnancy!

Is your goat pregnant? 

Follow the link above for more information on goat pregnancy and labor!

This is the million dollar question when you own goats. The gestation period is 150 days. We have learned the hard way that sometimes first time Nanny's, who pasture breed through a fence without the knowledge of the human goat Mom or Dad, don't always develop an utter and if they are sporting their winter goat coat it's almost impossible to tell if they are fluffy or pregnant. This describes our first kidding season here at our little goat farm in Mt. Pleasant, NC.

Fun Fact: You will know your goat is pregnant when she delivers. Just a little goat farm humor!

Doe Code: You should read up on what Does Code is!

Do goats need human help? Goats are designed to handle birth on their own but we have had to intervene numerous times and help save babies. We had a first time Nanny walk off and leave the sacks on the babies. This set of twins would have died if we were not around to clean them off and clear their airways. We had another baby goat that presented head first no legs  Sometimes a little help during delivery can be the difference in life or death. 

"Tales from the Goat Birthing Pen!"

For the love of PITA Goat
This beautiful Boer doeling had some struggles but
Baby goats get over heated in Summer
The=is set of triplets got overheated and went down fast. See what we did to help them!
First time Boer Mom needs some help
This first time Mom was stepping and laying on her baby goats. See what we did to help!
Emergency Goat Birthing Kit
Here is what is in our Emergency goat birthing kit by the door!
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