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Tales from the Goat Birthing Pen!

Cookie, finally released the goat hostages!

Cookie is an experienced Boer Goat mom and fence jumper. We added her to the goat farm in January of 2020. When we brought her home to our goat farm she would jump the pasture fence as fast as we would close the gate. At some point, she stayed in the pasture long enough to meet Muffin Man our 100% registered boer buck. I can only assume she fell in love and heat. 

Fast forward 150 days, farmer Jason and I are so sick we can barely keep hay and water out for our goat family.  Cookie looks like she is about to explode. I go out at 6 am to feed the Mini Nubian bottle baby's and here a scream that I don't recognize. I head to the Boer pasture to investigate this new voice, where I lay eyes on the Boer twins. I knew Cookie was close but didn't have an exact breeding date since she decided she would pasture breed. We were really hoping she was going to wait a while longer since we were both sick.

She had the most beautiful dark brown and white spotted baby goats that we have had born on the farm. They were talkers unlike their Boer Nanny goat who is very quite and shy. Wow, does Muffin Man throw some beautiful babies!

I am trying to stay focused and not make this about "Beau" the goat love of my life. Goat Mom, Cookie, decided that she was not going to let him nurse for an unknown reason. She did let the ittle girl nurse. This Nanny goat also has 4 teats so it was hard to ensure that the little girl was actually getting milk. We did tube feed her a few times since she would not take a bottle, Momma Goat is a wild child and I was too sick to chase her down. I pulled out frozen Colostrum reserves and started bottle feeding this darling little goat boy. He greeted me at every feeding and would scream until he got a bottle. He also took a trip to tractor supply where he became famous.  lol 


As god would have it, he was born with entropion of the eye and had to be taken to the vet for treatment. He got a show of penicillin in his eye lid to give him a chance to grown into his eye lashes. We have had this happen several times to our Boer herd. He has grown into his eye.

Can we talk about his loving, sweet, personalty. Oh my, I love this little Boer Buckling, bottle baby, goat so much!

Muffy is the twins Daddy / Goat Sire

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