One Nine Acres CB Ally - F6

Mini Nubian Doe

Ally is our beautiful F6 Mini Nubian Doeling with crystal Blue Eyes. Her eyes are breath taking! When you see her you have to stare at them. She has beautiful tri colored markings, long frosted ears and comes from great milk lines. Her birthday is 3/9/19 and she has a buckling brother which we didn’t adopt. She is friendly and loves to be scratched! Her favorite snack is Fig Newton’s. She, KC and Bama were raised in the same crate by our fireplace during the cold months. They still snuggle and cuddle every day!

Why the name Ally?I already had Denver and KC so it only made since to name her Ally and her sister Bama. After all they are my Alabama Mini Nubian Does!

April 26, 2020 - Our Ally goat just kidded triplet Mini Nubian Baby goats. She had 2 beautiful bucklings and a doeling. Afterall, triplets do run in her genetic pool. Her Dam LuvEmAllAcres Thelma is know for having triplets. She is a rock star Moma goat. She has nursed triplets with ease. She is very attentive and somehow she keeps up with who has nursed. 

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