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Goat Breeding, Pregnancy, Labor, Delivery and New Baby Goat Guide / Workbook
  • Goat Breeding, Pregnancy, Labor, Delivery and New Baby Goat Guide / Workbook

    "What to expecting when your GOAT is expecting", will cover information on breeding your goat, kidding and baby goat care. You will receive via email a workbook that includes all this information. It will have checklist for kidding supplies and even guide to help you pick out a Buck or Dad Goat.


    We also have a video library that contains Cookie, our Boer Goat,  displaying signs of early labor. We have videos of what I call textbook births and we have a video of us pulling a baby!


    We have listed some of the things that are covered in your Goat Pregnancy, Kidding and Newborn Baby Goat workbook!


    •    How do I pick a buck? What do I look for?

    •    Is my Doe ready for breeding?

    •    What do I need to feed my goat now that she is pregnant?

    •    What supplies should I have on hand for the birth of Baby Goats?

    •    What medical Conditions can arise during goat pregnancy?

    •    How do I know she is in labor?

    •    Her labor has stalled, is she in trouble?

    •    The baby goat is stuck what do I do?

    •    What do I need to do when the baby goats are born?

    •    Do I need to bottle feed our Baby Goats?

    •    Why can’t my Baby Goat stand?

    •    Is this color Baby Goat Poop normal?

    •   What temperature should a baby goat be at if it’s healthy?

    •   My baby goat isn’t nursing or taking a bottle, what do I check?

    •   How much do I feed my bottle baby goat?


    Disclaimer: We are NOT veterinarians but we are experienced goat farmers who typically kid over 100 Mini Nubian and Boer baby goats in one season.  This information is a guide IS NOT meant to be a replacement for an experienced Goat Veterinarian.

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