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Skillman's Cinderella Rouge
Mini Nubian Doe
Born: May 6, 2018

This is our beautiful Mini Nubian milk goat, Skillman's Cinderella. She comes from some impressive milk genetics and has the most beautiful baby goats. She has all the right mini nubian traits and did you see her udder? I am beyond excited to have added this girl and her milk genetics to our breeding herd.


As a Mini Nubian Goat breeder the hardest thing to do is to make cuts. you find as your herd grows you have to occasionally sale some goats. It is sometimes heartbreaking.  I know this was heart breaking for Irinia but it was a blessing for me. I wanted to milk our Mini Nubians but with a fulltime job it was almost impossible to find the time to get started. I also wanted to  add some stellar milk lines.  "All in god's time"!

I began to casually look for a girl or 2 with great milk lines, udder attachments and who was milk stand trained. If they were in milk that was a plus! I really don't like to buy a single goat. I feel like they do better when you bring home or add more than one to a herd. They come into your herd with a friend and it makes the transition easier for them. 


Somehow I connected with Irinia Skillman who had some girls she was thinking of letting go. She has a beautiful herd, packed with milk and has done a wonderful job with her Mini Nubian lines. Every goat in Ariel's pedigree has a milk star. If you know anything about ADGA milk star's this is impressive. 


After talking with her several times, I agreed to take 2 does in milk and one of their doelings. We would be adding 3 Skillman Mini Nubian's to our herd. I was beyond thrilled! We made the 5 hour trip to Staunton, VA with our truck and trailer to pick up the girls. We got them loaded and another 5 hour trip home. We got them unloaded and in a pen by themselves so they would have some time to adjust and settle in. 

Once we felt they had adjusted we let them out with the rest of the herd.  They quickly laid eyes on our herd sire, Porter. They were separated by a fence but a fence wasn't going to stop them from dating. The does, Ariel and Cinderella, quickly figured out how to go "Meet" Porter on the other side of the fence. It was love at first MAAAA!


June 2021 Update: We have Skillman's CInerellaand Knightwolf's Porter baby goats on the ground. Even our young, small, sneaky Bella doeling decided to date without permission. I am also working on getting our girls dual registered with the MDGA. 

Skillman's Cinderella Rouge Pedigree - See more Below

Dam: Skillman's Jill AR 3*D DN00803

D Dam:  Skillman's Pepper AR 2*D

D Sire: Creamers LF Desert Skingsual +B

Sire: Joyous Farm Le Tigre BN00379

S Dam: Black Mesa Magnum N1694855

S Sire: Wateroo Pound Tur-Beauz Rocket +*B D1456152

Cindy's Dam / Mom, Jill

Ariel's Sire / Dad, Le Tigre

Ariel's Dam: Skillman Jill AR 3*D

Photo Credit: Irinia Skillman, Skillman's Ranch

Ariel's Sire; Joyous Farm Le Tigre

Photo Credit: Irinia Skillman, Skillman's Ranch

Skillman's Cinderella Rouge Extended Pedigree
Sire: Joyous Farm Le Tigre
Mini Nubian Buck

Joyous Farms Le Tigre Mini Nubian Buckj.

Joyous Farm Le Tigre 

Le Tigre in front; his full brother behind. Both were foundation bucks for Irina Skillman’s lines.

Le Tigre Pedigree:

Dam: Black Mesa Magnum

D Dam: Black Mesa Celeste's Carmella AR 5*M

D Sire: Black Mesa Benny's Ricer Rock *B

Sire: Waterloo Pond Tur-Beauz Rocket +*B

S Dam: SG Woody Dog Down Water Wings AR 2*M

S Sire: NC Promiseland Tur Beau +*B

Black Mesa Magnum Udder.JPG
Black Mesa Celete's Carmella 5M..JPG

Black Mesa Magnum's
Udder pics

She is a beautiful full size registered Nubian who is a AR 5*M. 91 EEEE. 2014 BMR

Look at Le Tigre’s grand dam.

Black Mesa Celeste’s Carmella 5*M (Carly)

Skillman's Ariel Dam : Skillman's Skye AR 5*D

Skillman's Cnderella Rouge Extended Pedigree
Dam: Skillman's Jill AR 3*D
Mini Nubian Doe / GOat

Skillman's Jill udder 2018.JPG

Skillman's Jill AR 3*D
Look at this udder!

Picture/Photo credits: Skillman Ranch

Skillman's Jill AR 3*D Dams Pedigree:

Dam: Skillman's Skillman's Pepper AR 2*D

D Dam: Awee Farm Abraham

D Sire: T Cupp Minatures Ginger AR *D

Sire: Creamer's LF Desert Skingsaul +B

S Dam: Ain-Ash Shams Selma

S Sire: Ain-Ash Shams Desert's Moses *B

Jill is a Milk star Mini Nubian Doe in three generations. She also has 2 milk star daughters.

Creamer's LF Desert SkingSaul mini nubian.jpg

Picture/Photo credits: Skillman Ranch

Skillmans Pepper Pedigree.JPG

Jill's Sire:
Creamer's LF Desert SkingSaul +B

Dam's Dam Pedigree:
Skillman's Pepper AR 2*D

Skillman's Jill.JPG

Picture/Photo credits: Skillman Ranch

Ariel's Extended Pedigree
Skye's Sire: SG Old Mountain Farm Elton Jay *B
Mini Nubian Buck

SG old mountain farm elton Jay mini nubi

Old Mountain Farm Elton Jay +B

Picture/Photo credits: Skillman Ranch

Skye's Sire Jay's Pedigree:

Dam: Skillman's Star AR 4*D

D Dam: Skillman's Jill AR 3*D

D Sire: CarrickFergus Ragnar of Gye +B

Sire: SG Old Mountain Farm Elton Jay +*B

S Dam: SG AGS NC Promiseland MG Diva AR 1*M

S Sire: Old Mountain Farm Romeo +BB

SG NC Promisedland MG Diva 4 D Udder.JPG
Old Mountain Farm Nilam Bukit.JPG

Jay's Dam:
SG NC Promisedland MG Diva 4*D: Udder

Sire's Grand Dam:
Old Mountain Farm Nilam Bukit 7*D 2*M

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