Bama - F5

Mini Nubian Doe

Bama is our beautiful F5 Mini Nubian Doeling. She is my unicorn!  She was born on 3/13/19.  We raised her as a bottle baby in the house with KC and Ally. She has great milking genetics and beautiful moon spots. As she has matured, her moon spots have lightened up significantly. She is black in color with light brown moon spots and long pendulous frosted ears! Her personality is more reserved and she tends to observe her surroundings more. 

Our emergency vet trip:  When she was a few months old she broke her leg in 2 places. I did not see the accident only found her hobbling around and putting any weight on her front leg!  It was far more traumatic for me than for my Bama girl. The vet neglected to tell me he was going to give her supportive oxygen while he sedated her. I was watching through a window and when they put the oxygen on her I thought there were complications. I lost it and cryed like a baby. The assistant immediately came out to let me know it was standard procedure.  Our goat herd is like my children and I love them like my human kids! I often say, “For the LOVE of goats”. I live and breathe these words!

Why the name Bama: I already had Denver and KC so it only made since to name her Bama and her sister Ally.  After all they are my Alabama Does!

Headed to the vet to get Bama's little leg repaired!
Chug that bottle little Bama Girl!
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