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Camo - F4

Mini Nubian Doe

Camo is our resident Unicorn! I know what you are thinking, what a unicorn on a goat farm? This wild colored and patterned F4 Mini Nubian doe has a single horn. She is mystical just like a unicorn.  She loves me from a distance and occasionally she will sneak over for some love when none of the other goats are around. We don't know much about her parents / Dam and Sire but I can tell you she has a nice bag while nursing twins. 


We adopted her and along with all of her Mini Nubian family from the mountains of NC. She came with 5 Mini Nubian herd mates including a handsome Buck, Mozart. She was already pregnant when we adopted them. Mozart has had 8 Mini Nubian babies this year!

Update 4/17 - She gave birth to a beautiful set of twin Mini Nubians, a doeling and a buckling here at our goat farm in Mt. Pleasant, NC. These F5's inherited some great Mini Nubian traits from both their Nanny and Buck. The Mini Nubian has wild marking just like her Dam. The F4  Mini Nubian Buckling looks just like his Sire, Mozart. He is white in color with black markings. His buck has a great beard so I'm curious to see if he inherits his great beard.


Her buckling is for sale at weaning. Just give us a call if you want to meet him.  

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