Penelope - F7

Mini Nubian Doe

Penelope is our beautiful F7 Mini Nubian Doeling with crystal Blue Eyes. This doeling has long beautiful frosted ears which is a Mini Nubian standard. She is black, white and brown in color with a pink nose. She nurses like a 1000lb great white shark. She is so tenacious and full of life. She is a home grown Cotton Bean Goat Farm girl! Parents breed here on the farm and she was one of our first Mini Nubian's born here at our goat farm. We are so excited to watch her grow.

She looks a lot like her Dad, Porter.  He is a beautiful F6 Mini Nubian Buck with the same blue eyes.  We got him from Louisiana in 2019. 

4/24/20 - This is just a little update on this pretty doeling. She has a loving and sweet personality. Her nursing skills have improved and now nurses likes a 2000 lb great white shark.  I feel bad for her Nanny. She is always jumping up on me to get some love.


5/15: Our sweet F7 mini Nubian baby goat girl continues to grow and she is getting more independent by the day. 

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