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Prisc-Ella - F4

Mini Nubian Doe

This beautiful Mini Nubian Doe was born on April, 16, 2020 to our Doe, Penny, who is a F3. . She is brown with a white belt / black accents and long frosted ears. She is her Mom's Mini me!


When she was brown she was shy and part of the "Goat Mean Girl" group. However, she has warmed up nicely. She greets me at the DOe pasture gate and waits for her daily rubs and love. She is a joy to have on the goat farm just like her Nanny goat.

Her Dad is Tiny Mozart who is a F5 Mini Nubian Buck and one of 2 herd sires for our 2020 Breeding / Kidding Season.  He is not so tiny anymore. He was 1 of 4 baby goats so I imagine he was a tiny baby goat. He has the most awesome goat beard I have ever seen.

7/22/20 - This beautiful Mini Nubian doelng is maturing into a very nice Doe.  She has a elegant long body, a nice top line and perfect long pendulous Nubian ears.  We are excited to watch her continue to grow. We made the right decision to keep her and add her to our 2021 Breeding program here at Cotton Bean Mini Nubian Goat Farm in Mt. Pleasant, NC. 

If you are looking for a Mini Nubian breeder or just looking for a Doe or Buck for sale be sure to give us a call. We are a short drive to Greensboro NC, Greenville SC, Commerce GA, Nashville TN, Roanoke VA and Charleston WV.


We have brought in MIni Nubians from around the country to add to our breeding program. We utilized goat transporters so this is an option if we are not within driving distance.  

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