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Cotton Beans Angelic Ariella
F6 Mdga 
Mini Nubian Doe

This Mini Nubian doeling goat was born to a set of triplets. She got stuck with 2 super sweet buckling brothers. For a while I think she compensated by joining the "Mean Goat Girl" Club here at Cotton Bean Mini Nubian Farm. She has recently resigned as president of the club and decided to be sweet and love me. She is tri colored like her Nanny goat but has more white. We knew from the moment she was born that she would be joining our Mini Nubian Breeding program here at the goat farm. 

Her Sire / Buck is Knightwolf's CB Porter who is from Shreveport, LA has his milk star. Her Dam / Nanny goat is One Nine Acres CB Ally from Alabama. Ally's Dam was a triplet, she had triplets as did Ally and her sister. We are hoping Ariella has triplet baby goats too. 

Why the name Ariella? Mom has a A name, Ally so we wanted to follow the tradition.  We also named all of our 2020 doelings "Ella" names. 

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