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Clair-Ella - F5

Mini Nubian Doe

Clair - Ella our F5 Mini Nubian Doe was born at Cotton Bean Mini Nubian Goat Farm on Aptil 17, 2020. From the moment she was born I knew she was going to be a part of our Mini Nubian Breeding program. I'm excited to report that she has warmed up tremendously to me and does not want to be a part of the "Mean Goat GIrls" club.

Look at all her colors and pattern, how could we not keep her. Her mom is Camo who is our resident unicorn because she only has one horn. She also had a twin buckling. 


Did you notice? Most of our Spring 2020 keeper doelings who are joining our breeding program at Cotton Bean Mini Nubian Goat farms have Ella names!

Camo had twins on 4/17 - Camo is our resident Unicorn! We say this because she only has 1 horn. She is super sweet but a little shy. She passed on her wild markings to her mini nubian doeling. The F4  Mini Nubian Buckling looks just like his Sire, Mozart. He is white in color with black markings. His buck has a great beard so I'm curious to see if he inherits his great beard.


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