Goat Milk Soap for sale in Mt. Pleasant, NC!


We sale all natural, hand crafted, goat milk soap at our goat farm in Mt. Pleasant, NC. We offer an assortment of colors and fragrances., including both scented and non-scented soaps. We are excited to be able to offer a simple goat milk soap made with natural oils and our farm fresh goat milk!

Our herd of Mini Nubian milking goats are essential to our soap making operations. We decided to thank them by naming each goat milk soap after one of our does or bucks. Without our milk goats we would not be able to make our soaps!

"Once you go GOAT, you will not go back!"

Meet the GIrls: We name all of our soap after our Mini Nubian Does! Meet them below!

Disclaimer: Our Mini Nubian milk goats love our goat soap and they highly recommend it! As a responsible goat farmer I need to tell you that they get treats when they are on the milk stand, They love to be milked and want you to buy LOTS of goat milk soap. 

Goat milk soap make a great Christmas present for your teacher, co-worker, daycare worker, sister, dad, husband, mom or secret Santa. Support our local Goat Farm with the purchase of our handmade, all natural goat milk soap.

Guess what our daughter teacher will be getting as a Christmas present. She will get an assortment of hand made goat milk soap from the farm!

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