Gat Milk Soap for Kids available in hearts, unicorns and flowers
  • Gat Milk Soap for Kids available in hearts, unicorns and flowers

    Due to my daughter pouting about not having a kids goat milk soap for her shower we have decided to offer "Kid's Soap" for sale. She has selected Strawberry Shortcake and Wild Watermelon scent for your son or daughters soap. These smell good and they are kid approved. We will be offering this is smaller bars so they fit in your child's hand better. We will also be offering it in Pink, Purple and Blues! She also recommends the Citrus Agave, Lemon and Love Spell for the girls! She really likes our black currant goat milk soap for the boys too! We offer matching sugar scrubs which she highly recommends. Our 10 year old daughter said they make her skin feel so nice and soft! 


    If you need some made to put in your Son or Daughter's Birthday party bags we do custom orders. We do need 7 weeks to get them made and delivered in time for your child's birthday party. 


    Our goat milk soap contains Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Goat Milk, Lye, Shea Butter, Castor Oil, Mica for coloring and fragrance.  You can pickup your goat milk soap at our goat farm in Mt. Pleasant, NC or we can ship it for an additional charge. 

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