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Honeydew Melon Goat Milk Soap
  • Honeydew Melon Goat Milk Soap

    I don’t know about you but I am dreaming of summer already! When summer is in full swing our garden smells of Honeydew melon as it wafts through the air. This scent beings my inner 5 year old out with the ripe sweetness of melon.  I can remember my mouth watering as I took the first bite. The juice would run down my cheeks. Now in all fairness it has been over 40 years. Lol Mu Aunt always had a big melon patch planted so I ate a lot of melon growing up.


    Time to talk fragrance! 


    Note ProfileTop: Honeydew Melon, Green LeavesMiddle: StrawberryBase: Vanilla, Sugar


    I choose to name this soap after Chloe due to her LOVE of melon. Our Nigerian princess loves some melon. I love to watch her gobble it down in the summer.


    You can pick up your bars of goat milk soap at Cotton Bean Goat Farms in Mt. Pleasant, NC or we can ship it for an additional charge. I am happy to bring it to my day job in Charlotte, NC for pickup. This bar of soap contains olive oil, coconut oil, goat milk, lye, shea butter, castor oil, mica for color and fragrances. Sometimes we change the color and design of our goat milk soaps but the ingredients and scents stay the same.


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