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Emilee’s Black Raspberry Berry Bliss goat milk soap
  • Emilee’s Black Raspberry Berry Bliss goat milk soap

    Oh my, I love this goat milk soap bar that we have for sale. I almost want to eat it. Typically I cheat and use the description the scent manufacturer uses. However, this is currently out of stock so I can’t do that. Lol I would describe this scent as sweet, fresh Berry Bliss with a light notes of Vanilla. It reminds me of summers and the berry cobblers my grandmother used to make us. It also reminds me of the thorns cuts I had all of my hands from picking berries.


    I made my first batch of this scent and took it to my test market, my day job at Hendrick Auto. Anyone who smelled this, both men and women, loved this. I got pre orders for my entire first loaf minus the one I kept for my shower.


    Now to pick a name for our Berry Bliss soap.  Which one of our goats should we name this wonderful bar after?  This goat milk soap bar reminds me of Emilee. She is tough like a torn but sweet on the inside like a ripe berry! Emilee was one of our first goats on the farm. She is a unregistered nubian with long beautiful frosted pendulous ears. She is tough and doesn’t let any of the other girls pick on her. She will headbutt another goat and move them out of the way. But this beautiful Nubian is so super sweet to her hoomans.  Hoomans is goat for humans! Lol  She is kind and patient when she needs maintenance. She is also kind and patient with her baby goats.  We did struggle a bit with her the first time she kidded but she just freshened for the second time and she is being a great Mom.  


    Goat Milk Soap Ingredients: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Goat Milk, Shea Butter, Lye, Castor Oil, Fragrance and Mica for color. Our soap designs change from time to time but our scent and recipe are always the same. If you are interested in having some soap custom made in colors of your choice for a bridal shower or as wedding favors just contact us. Remember our soap at Cotton Bean Goat Farms needs at least 8 weeks to cure before use. If your child is wanting to do something unique for Valentine’s Day present for their class we can make some soap to give out instead of Valentine Day Cards.


    You can pick up your bars of goat milk soap at Cotton Bean Goat Farms in Mt. Pleasant, NC or we can ship it for an additional charge. I am happy to bring it to my day job in Charlotte, NC for pickup.  This bar of soap contains olive oil, coconut oil, goat milk, lye, shea butter, castor oil, mica for color and fragrances.  Sometimes we change the color and design of our goat milk soaps but the ingredients and scents stay the same.


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