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We have goat milk soap for sale in Mt. Pleasant, NC

We have all natural, hand made, goat milk soap for sale. We have both scented and unscented soap for sale. All soap is made from raw goat's milk from our Mini Nubian does and oils. We typically use Coconut, Olive and Castor oil.

We are naming all of our soaps after one of our Mini Nubian milking goats. We are still finalizing a few of the names.

Here are some of the names we are using for our goat milk soaps.

- KC's Mistletoe Kisses

- Ariel's Love Spell

- Ella's Christmas Tree

- Penelope's Pomegranate Passion

All of these have special meaning to us. For instance Ella's Christmas tree goat milk soap is named for all of our retained Spring 2020 Mini Nubian doelings. All of their MDGA names end in Ella. These doelings are our future. We couldn't make soap without our girls!

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