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How to warm a cold baby goat

If anything seems off with your baby goat, TAKE IT'S TEMPERATURE!

If you don't have a thermometer handy, feel the inside of it's mouth. It should feel warmer than human body temperature.

Normal Temperature is 101.5 to 103.5 degrees!

Some indicators of a low body temperature:

- Baby will NOT nurse or move

- Your baby goat is found laying on it's side

-Baby goat is NOT making noise and it is typically talking

- Dam is nudging the baby goat and it's not responsive to her

Note: It takes at least 72 hours before your baby goat can regulate it’s body temperature. Do NOT attempt to feed a COLD baby! The baby goat MUST be warmed first.

How to warm a COLD Baby!

The fastest way to warm a baby goat is in a plastic bag, submerged in warm water!

Put the goat in a plastic bag leaving the head sticking out! (Pictured above)

Submerge the baby goat in a sink / tub of hot water. (104 degrees)

Continue to check the water temperature and add hot water to maintain 104 degrees.

**The baby goat’s cold body will cool the tub water quickly!


A PINCH OF Cayenne mixed with enough honey or molasses to make a paste, can be swiped in the goats every 15 minutes to Boost energy!

***Check temp every 15 minutes so baby does not overheat!

Additional sources of warming / heat may include: Warm towels from the dryer, heating pad, rice packs, hot water bottles, heat lamps, electric blankets, blow dryer, car heater pointed on the floor with the baby goat laying under it. Just get creative and warm the baby.

Remember as the baby goat warms up, your body will suck the heat back out of it. Put something between you and the baby so it can maintain it's temperature while you are holding it. It's okay to take the baby out to nurse and bring it back in to warm back up if it's having a hard time maintaining it's body temperature. You may consider adding a premier one heating lamp to the shelter with the baby if you are leaving it outside and the temps are low. In my experience, if it has dropped once, it can drop again. If it's too cold it can kill your baby goat by freezing it. Usually after they are a few days old they do well and are able to maintain their temperatures. You have to remember it's a newborn!

We are NOT veterinarian's and we are not giving medical advise. We are just sharing our experience. Always consult your Veterinarian!

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