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Introducing Landon and Sage’s Honey n Oats goat milk soap

Coming up with the names is the best part of making this all natural goat milk soap.

Here is the details on this bar and why we choose this name: If you are looking for an all natural bar of goat milk soap, you have found it here at our little goat farm in Mt. Pleasant, NC. It is made of Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Goat Milk, lye, honey and ground oats. The ground oats are added for an exfoliating feature in this soap bar and the honey adds lather.

This is a great Christmas or Birthday present for both men and women. If you know someone who doesn’t like chemicals this is the right bar of soap for them. These goat milk soap bars are 4 to 5 oz in size.

We named this soap after our F6 twins Mini Nubian’s Landon and Sage. If you spend any time in the goat pasture you will see these two go together like honey n oats. They are always together. They are still young milk goats and I am sure as they age Landon will start dating and Sage will have to find a new companion. This set of twins come from milk star genetics so we are super excited to add them to our breeding program in 2021.

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