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Why are these Boer goat twins in a dog crate?

Not all goat Mom's are perfect as soon as the baby goat is born. Hazel is a first time Nanny. We discovered she had layed on her buckling and stood on his foot. When he screamed she didn't move. I think she is still in shock from having goat kids.

As a goat farmer, we knew we needed to make an adjustment to keep the Boer baby goats safe. Instead of removing the babies, we left them in the pen in a dog crate for the night. This meant we had to go out every 2 hours and let them nurse. We spent as much time as we could throughout the night and let with sweet Nanny interact with them. The boy nurses like a champ and is going to drain her dry. Every time we went out to let the Boer twins nurse she would be standing close talking to them. We will let them out later today and evaluate how they are doing.

Below is a picture of Farmer Jason here at Cotton Bean Goat Farm with the Boer Buckling after he rescued him from underneath his first time Goat Mom. We get so attached to our baby goats. As I always say, for the love of Boer goats!

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