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Where is my love?

Our Mini Nubian girls are such attention hogs. If you make the mistake of squatting in the goat pasture you instantly have a lot of company. I fell in love with this breed of goat for many reasons. Here are a few of them!

  1. I am a sucker for a goat with long floppy ears.

  2. I love the assortment of color and blue eyes of Mini Nubian's.

  3. Milk, Milk, Milk. Mini Nubian goats have plenty of milk to share.

  4. Mini Nubian goats love their humans. Most of our herd is super friendly. They meet me at the pasture gate!

  5. Mini Nubian goats are compact in size.

If you want a good family goat, I think Mini Nubian's should be on your list. If you are considering Mini Nubian's give us a call and schedule a goat farm tour!

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