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What's in your goat birthing kit?

We had rather be over prepared than not have something at 2 am when a doe decides to go into labor. Here are some of the things in our birthing kit. I say some because I am sure I will forget to list something! I have other things but I keep this stocked so I can grab it and run out the door to the birthing pen.

- Thermometers (This is a MUST have if you own a goat.)

- B Vitamins

- Vitamin E and Selenium paste

- Cayenne Pepper

- Molasses

- Gloves and lube

- Probios

- Jump start

- Tums

- Keytosis strips (These are in the diabetic section.)

- Needles and syringes

- Beach towels

- Goat Electrolytes

- Iodine

- Scissors

- Pocket Knife

What do you have in your goat birthing kit?

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