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What do we keep in our Goat Medical Closet?

When we were building our house at the goat farm I thought to myself, what will I ever do with a laundry room this big? As you can see I quickly converted it into a Goat Medicine / Care closet. We lost some goats in the beginning ju

st because we didn't know. After that I began to research and study in hopes of not having any more goats die at the farm. I can't tell you how much money we have spent on goat supplies because I don't know. I am afraid to add it up.

Here are some of the things we keep on hand.

  1. Thermometers - At least 2 at all times. See our page on Basis Goat Assessment

  2. Goat electrolytes

  3. Goat probiotic paste

  4. Jump start

  5. Selenium and vitamin e paste for kidding season

  6. Goat Penicillin

  7. Baytril for goats

  8. Corrid

  9. Ivermectin for goats

  10. LA 200

  11. Penicillin

  12. Prohibit for goats

  13. Safeguard

  14. Cydectin Oral Sheep Drench

  15. Ammonium Chloride

  16. Banamine

  17. Vitamin C chewable (for people)

  18. Pepto

  19. Milk of Magnesium (MOM)

  20. Thiamine Injectable for goats

  21. Fortified Vitamin B Complex

  22. Activated Charcoal

  23. Ivermectin Pour on for livestock

  24. Cooper Bolus

  25. Loose Minerals

  26. Molasses

  27. Wound treatment stuff (Bandages, wrap, red cote, iodine, etc.)

  28. Kitchen Flour (This will stop bleeding. My husband thought I was crazy first time I used it.)

*Our goat medical close is work in progress. I have so much on hand. I would rather have it at 2am and save a life, than loose a goat because everything was closed and the Vet can't get here in time!

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