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We have a one hour private baby goat play date available Saturday @ 8 am!

We have a one hour, private, baby goat play date available for Saturday, 8/22 @ 8 am. We will have 3 bottle babies in our Mini Nubian goat pasture that can be fed at 8:10 am and you can spend the rest of the hour playing with the baby goats. $30 for 2 people, parent / child and $10 each additional person / child.

If you are interested in booking this play date please call Stacey @ 704-941-7944.

If you are looking for something that will your children will remember doing as adults this is it. This is a unique experience that is not an option that we can offer at all time due to not having bottle fed baby goats on the farm. These are our last bottle babies for a while and they will be weaning in 3 weeks. We have some sweet Nigerian Dwarf and Boer baby goat that love attention and cuddles.

Note: We do not have a bathroom. Please dress appropriately for your goat petting time. I would recommend old clothes, long pants or leggings and closed toed shoes. If it has been raining it will be muddy, rain boots recommended. You will need to sign a liability waiver.

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